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Jennifer Brush has been working for 25 years to change the face of dementia care in hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes and home care. Prior to establishing her own practice with Brush Development, Jennifer served as the executive director of IDEAS Institute, a nonprofit organization that improves the lives of older adults through the conduct of applied research. She is an international speaker, renowned author and recognized speech-language pathologist known for her work in the areas of memory, swallowing, and environmental interventions for people with dementia. She has served as the principal investigator on applied research grants that have examined issues pertaining to dementia, hearing impairment, dining, dysphagia, and the long-term care environment. Jennifer offers interactive and educational presentations and coaching that help clients bridge the gap between current research findings and the care needs of people with dementia.

“Membership in the Environmental Well Being of Aging has been extremely beneficial in connecting with other like-minded professionals who share the same mission to assist in the journey of aging, bringing joy and happiness to the process.”

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