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Laura Mineff, Founder of Environmental Well Being of Aging

Laura Mineff, Founder of Environmental Well Being of Aging

Changes to Environmental Well Being of Aging

Environmental Well Being of Age is now run through Array Design Studio. Please click here to learn more on about the services and expertise this organization & Laura Mineff can bring to your environment and journey in life.



Environmental Well Being of Aging (EWBoA) was created to help support the goals of aging in the places we live by making the necessary changes to enhance our comfort and add value to our living and work environments. By establishing a plan and a network of services tailored to meeting your individual needs, you can achieve measures to maintain independence and happiness.


Environmental Well Being of Aging was created to expand the options and help redefine the mindset on our new approach to aging. The goal of our coalition is to form a community of resources to help individuals create a new life path surrounded by a team of experts to enhance in life’s adventure. We are passionate in embracing the well being of aging to encourage the happiest outcomes filled with love and joy.

Environmental Well Being of Aging aims to:

  • Enhance life’s stages through adjustments in our environment to inspire a happy, healthy way of living.
  • Encourage interaction with our peers, our families and our youth to share in life’s journey.
  • Expose new and changing opportunities for involvement and growth within our communities.
  • Discover solutions to modify environments that will assist in addressing life’s challenges while increasing the market value of the home and business.
  • Create community resource “pods” to teach and share our healthy and happy approach to living as we expand into new regions.


Laura’s vision for the Environmental Well Being of Aging is to create a universal and powerful change in the approach to aging, and become a voice for exposing new ideas and changing resources for living in an environment of well being as we age. Ultimately, the vision is to expand the coalition nationally and internationally, becoming the expert source for aging in place through well being.